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From here you can access all Great Britain's newspapers publishing online news and information, including 850 local and regional papers in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. There are pages covering the full range of UK daily press and media, news portals, weekly digests and major monthly magazines on the Web, the financial and education newspaper supplements, book reviews and business bulletins, plus live BBC television, World Service and Radio 4, and – if you're at home on the Sceptred Isle or nearby – something for later: the veteran 'What's On' TV and Radio guide for all the UK's BBC and commercial broadcasting channels, including digital, cable and satellite: Radio Times.

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Formerly Fleet Street 'What the Papers Say' on the Net. Every British newspaper with a current Web site. Keep taking the tabloids. Read the Red Tops. Check the Brit Broadsheets. See how many major magazines have made it on to the WWW. Search current and back-issue news archives at The Guardian and The Times. Watch the latest BBC TV news bulletin, or tune in to Radio Four to hear it (and check What's On all the terrestial channels tonight with the on-line Radio Times); find UK news portals and weekly digests, plus 850 local and regional papers throughout Great Britain / The United Kingdom – England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland – The British Isles.

Source Code. Newspapers on the Web are not only the best source of local, regional, nationally-specific and international news. Newspaper sites also represent one of the best resources for tourists, travellers, visitors and local or intending residents seeking accurate information on local services and facilities. Many local and regional newspaper sites provide What's On guides, entertainment, sport, theatre, cinema and film listings, shopping and services guides, house buying and rental property pages and business directories. They list accommodation and bed and breakfast places or advertise hotels, promote local attractions, review the best pubs and pints, sports facilities and events, support their local rugby, football league, cricket and other sports teams – and, of course, provide the latest scores and results. They can also point you to help lines and emergency / information services, brief you on local history, and generally supply a portrait of the community or area that gives a sense of the place that you simply wouldn't get anywhere else. If you don't see what you're looking for on-site, you will find most journalists in general and local newspaper reporters and editors in particular to be knowledgeable and – usually – helpful folk. Almost all sites carry contact details, so that you can telephone or e-mail a request for information that can't be found on their printed or Web-published pages.

Regular updates. There are Web sites that still carry links to The European – long-dead after the 'loss at sea' of founding publisher, Robert Maxwell, years ago. We hate dead links. If you find any on our pages – please let us know at once. (You can click to e-mail WebWorks below). For five years, this WebWorks site has been the most comprehensive and up to date guide to UK online newspapers available anywhere. We don't include single-page 'contact us here' newspaper sites, or any others with no news content, but if you discover a worthwhile British newspaper Web site that is not listed, we'd appreciate hearing about it.

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