As They Were - A Snapshot of Search Engines in 2001

AOL Search:
- Uses Open Directory ( and Inktomi for its results. - When a search is done primary results are from and a 2nd tab called "Web Pages" will list sites from Inktomi when clicked. - Three un-numbered sponsored links from GOTO are displayed before all search results. If you are an advertiser on GOTO and are in the top 3 search results, then your site will appear in the sponsored section. - Open Directory listings are spidered by AOL's own spider, and AOL applies its own ranking algorithm to the search results.
- Index time is currently one of the quickest, which is around 1-2 weeks. - The most important ranking factors are: 1) Content ­ Includes page Title, Meta Tags and body text 2) Link Popularity - Click popularity maybe used in near future as it is being tracked. - The directory portion uses LookSmart and some listing in the search engine are pulled from LookSmart. This can be seen if you compare the title and description of the listed sites to those in LookSmart. For most search results, under the search box you will see links to the corresponding LookSmart categories. - Differentiates between singular/plural and lower case/upper case. We recommend including both singular/plural and lower case/upper case on your actual pages or doorway pages.- For more info see April 17, 2000 issue:
Ask Jeeves
- Ask Jeeves is a question/answer format search engine, where users can preform their search by asking a question. - Primary results come from human reviewed sites done by Ask Jeeves editors. The rest of the results are taken from Direct Hit, which is owned by Ask Jeeves. - We did an article about Ask Jeeves in our 2/15/00 issue, which is still current, except for the fact that secondary results no longer come from various search engines and are only derived from Direct Hit. Instead, Ask Jeeves provides links to few other search engines such as NBCI and GOTO for the same questions. You can see the article at:
- Uses "Click Popularity" to rank pages. "Click Popularity" means the more people clicking on your link, the higher it will move up in the ranks. - DirectHit is used by a number of other major search engines including: HotBot, MSN Search and Lycos. - For more details on DirectHit and "Link Popularity" see our August 99 issue at:
- Index time is very slow, about 2-3 months currently. - Submit main page only. Your sub-pages will be crawled if they are linked from your main page. - Does not support Keyword META Tags, therefore we highly recommend including your keywords in your TITLE and page content. - Uses "Link Popularity" as one of its ranking factor.
Fast Search:
- Fast Search is located at - It is a relative newcomer that is currently one of the largest search engines with over 300 million listings and is planning to expand to 1 billion listings sometime this year. - Lycos owns some shares in Fast Search, a Norwegian based company, and uses the databases for some of its results. (Formerly Infoseek):
- consists of a spider based search engine and a human based directory. - Index time for the search engine is 10 weeks. However, if you pay $199 you can get your site
reviewed within 48 hours and added to the index if it meets guidelines. - A listing in the directory portion may be quicker. To get listed in the Go Directory, you can email your site info to: or become a Go Guide and add your own site: - A listing in the Directory portion will improve your ranking. When a search is made, the results will show a few listings from the Go Guides directory (if there are matches) and then listings from the search engine. - Go Guides sites are rated from 1 to 3 stars. Sites will be ranked based on their rating in the search results. - Link Popularity is a very important ranking factor in the search engine portion. - The spider only indexes root domain URLs. You must include links to all your sub-pages from your main page in order for the sub pages to be indexed. If you don't have a root URL (domain name) and are having problems getting in, then email your submission to them via: -For more details see Nov. 30th issue:
- GoTo is a fee-based pay-per-click search engine. - You can buy targeted keyword listings for as low as a penny. - The more you pay, the higher your ranking will be. - This is truly one of the cheapest and most effective ways to advertise on the net. - Uses Inktomi for its secondary listings after the paid ones. - GoTo has partnered up with a many major search engines in the past year. The top 2-5 GoTo results are displayed as sponsored links in the following search engines: AOL Search, Netscape Search, AltaVista, Lycos, HotBot and a few others. - We have negotiated a deal with GoTo to offer Submit Express Newsletter readers a discounted package for advertising. It is available at:
- Google uses Link Popularity as its most important ranking factor. - Some results are pulled from Open Directory ( A listing in Open Directory will help your ranking. - It is used by Yahoo and Netscape Search for its secondary or default search results.
- Uses DirectHit for its top 10 listings. Uses Open Directory ( for some search results from 11-20 and Inktomi for the rest of its listings. - For better placement, get your site listed with DirectHit at: - Uses Open Directory for its directory listings. - Uses the top 3 search results from GOTO in its "FEATURED LISTINGS" area, which is displayed before all search results. One more listings from GOTO appears between position 9 and 10 of the results. - For more details on how to get listed in the Top 10 of HotBot, see our August 99 issue at:
- Inktomi is not a search engine, but it is a search engine database provider. - Many major search engines utilize Inktomi's database to query listings. Some of these include: HotBot,, AOL Search,, ICQiT and - There is no way to submit to Inktomi directly. You will need to go through one of the above partners or our submission service. - Listings in Inktomi may take 1-2 weeks. - A new fee-based program allows listing in Inktomi within a couple of days and re-index of your site every 48 hours for one year. For details see:
- is a prize give-away site that also has a search engine. - Search engine results come from the Inktomi database. - has been moving up in the ranks of most trafficked websites and is now ranked a top 10 search engine.
- LookSmart is a human-edited directory. - Listing in LookSmart will cost $99 for an eight-week review or $199 for a two-day review. - It is being used by MSN Search for its primary results and by Excite and AltaVista in the directory portion. - LookSmart uses Inktomi for search results that cannot be found in its database. - To get a good placement in LookSmart, make sure to include your most important keywords in the description that you send them. - You can order LookSmart submission at: LookSmart powers the search directories of leading portals on the Web and more than 380 ISPs, including: MSN Search, Excite, AltaVista, and It is more important than ever to get a listing in LookSmart.
- Uses results from DirectHit for its main listings titled "Popular." - Uses Open Directory, Fast Search and its own spidered database for secondary results. - Uses the top 3 search results from GOTO in its "FEATURED LISTINGS" area, which is displayed before all search results. Two more listings from GOTO appears between position 4 and 5 of website results. MSN Search: - Uses LookSmart for the primary results, and then Inktomi for default search results. - Uses DirectHit for "Top 10 most Popular Sites", which is a link displayed before all search results.
NBCi (Formerly Snap): 
- NBCi is a human-compiled directory, but also has a "LiveDirectory" that allows real time live addition of websites, without having to wait for an editor to review your site. The only difference is that the results will be shown after the regular directory listings. Over time, the editors will go through and add the best sites from the submissions to the actual directory listings. - NBCI will keep track of click-through on sites listed in "Live Directory". Sites that get the most clicks will move higher in the list of sites waiting to be reviewed by NBCi editors. - NBCi also uses Inktomi for those cases when insufficient search results are found in its own database. - Make sure to use your keywords in the description that you submit, as Snap does not spider pages. - NBCi is now offering a pay for inclusion program that will guarantee a review within 5 days. It costs $199. They are offering a special for $99 until 2/15/01. The reviewed submission does not guarantee a good ranking, but it does buy a place in the reviewed sites category, which is displayed above the "Live Directory" and Inktomi results.
Netscape Search:
- Primary search results come from Open Directory and its own "Smart Browsing" technology to find the official websites of major companies. - Secondary search results come from Google. - AOL owns Netscape and Netscape owns Open Directory. Open Directory ( - A human-compiled directory where all the editors are volunteers. - Almost anybody can become a DMOZ editor by applying for a category. - Open Directory is one of the most important directories to get listed in. Its listings are used by some major search engines such as: Netscape (who owns Open Directory), Lycos, HotBot (directory portion) and AltaVista (directory portion). - For submission you must go to their page and submit to the category that best fits your site. - Getting listed may take anywhere from one day to over a month depending on when the editors check their category submissions. - If you do not get listed within a month, we recommend that you e-mail the category editor from the link provided on the bottom of the category page. - Make sure to use your keywords in the description that you submit, as Open Directory does not spider pages.

- Yahoo is a human-compiled directory, which accepts less than 3000 sites per day. It is hard to get listed in Yahoo, but getting included can bring a lot of traffic. It is still one of the top visited sites on the Net. Yahoo does offer free submission, but rarely includes anything without payment. The best way to get listed in Yahoo is to pay $199 for their Express Submission, which will guarantee a review (but NOT inclusion) within one week. Make sure to follow instructions carefully. You will get an email notification if your site is accepted via free or paid submission. If you try free submission and don't get listed within 5 weeks - resubmit. Most submissions are declined without notification, or simply ignored. Yahoo uses Google for its secondary listings when results cannot be found in its own database. For more details, read the Submission Tips at: 

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